Best Friends Pet Resource Center

Located near the heart of the bustling, ever-growing city of Bentonville, Arkansas, the Best Friends Pet Resource Center is both the first pet shelter in Bentonville and a first-of-its-kind animal shelter country-wide. The approximately 25,000 sq. ft. facility occupies roughly six of the 100-acre Gateway Park on 8th Street in Bentonville and aims to offer resources and services for pets and people. A kennel-free shelter, Best Friends provides plenty of quiet, stress-free spaces for dogs and cats to exercise and explore, redefining what it means to care for homeless pets. Volunteer spaces allow visitors to make toys for pets, find pets to foster, and more. Vital veterinary care is available in the on site clinic and at community partner organizations for animals at the shelter and qualifying families in need. Whether visitors are seeking to adopt, socialize, volunteer, take advantage of resources, participate in one of the many events hosted, or just spend time with other pet lovers, the Best Friends Pet Resource Center has re-imagined pet adoption.

The design of the building itself is modern and innovative, benefiting the first-of-its-kind offerings it houses. The repeated A-frame shape is playfully reminiscent of traditional dog houses, cutting a silhouette that is both sleek and welcoming against the expanse of open sky. Characterized by a combination of pristine white geometry, warm natural wood tones, and tasteful pops of bright orange, the facility is an inviting place to spend time and explore. High ceilings and tall windows lend an openness to the structure, filling the space with an abundance of natural light and providing pets and visitors with beautiful views of the 100-acre property.

Our scope of work included metal stud framing, exterior sheathing, in-wall insulation, drywall installation, specialty wall and ceiling finishes, and many of the distinctive wall features.

Being chosen by Baldwin & Shell Construction as part of this groundbreaking project was an honor for TCM Enterprises. Our involvement in metal stud framing, exterior sheathing, insulation, drywall installation, and specialized finishes presented unique challenges. Notably, the installation of intricate portholes in the Cat Enrichment space demanded meticulous attention to detail, a challenge our skilled carpenters met with ease. The lobby door also posed a distinctive challenge, demonstrating our team’s ability to navigate complex architectural features.

Throughout the construction phase, adaptability was key as changes occurred, requiring seamless coordination between our project management, on-site foreman, and the contractor. This collaboration ensured minimal impact on costs and schedules.

Address: 1312 Melissa Drive, Bentonville, AR 72712

Start date of project (mo/ year): June 2021

Completion Date: April 2023

General Contractor: Baldwin & Shell Construction

Primary architect: RA-DA

Square Feet: 24,395

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