TCM offers the most advanced options for prefabrication. Our StoPanel and load bearing systems are guaranteed to be an efficient solution for your next commercial project.



Greatly reduce the time of building envelope installation and make the most of your construction calendar.



Reduce the cost of your project by eliminating scaffolding and other complications of working at high elevations.

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Our panels are produced in temperature-controlled factories, in full compliance with codes for testing, building and energy efficiency.


Sto Panel Technology is a smarter form of wall design and construction through partnerships forged between leading contractors, fabricators, and Sto Corp. – the world’s number one manufacturer of building envelope solutions. Built off-site in certified manufacturing facilities, the panels come with the studs, sheathing, air barrier, insulation board, and an assortment of finishes already assembled. Depending on the preferences of the owner, they can come in a variety of finishes such as EIFS, metal panel, fiber cement, masonry, and precast finishes (and can even come with windows already installed). With StoPanel Panelization, projects can be completed in a fraction of the time.


StoPanel systems are fully engineered, tested, code-compliant prefabricated wall panels.

These panels are factory-built offsite to exact standards.

This allows us to accelerate your schedule and maximize the value of your next project.

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This panel uses the same tried and tested components as the StoPanel Classic ci assembly, but adds vertically notched adhesive, drainage wedges, and weeps.

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Sto’s Premier panel system includes all the benefits of the Classic NExT panel system, with the addition of self-cleaning properties of Stolit Lotusan textured finish and high impact resistance that meets Miami-Dade small and large missile impact requirements.

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This lightweight prefabricated panel is a decorative and protective exterior wall cladding that provides superior air and weather tightness along with excellent thermal performance and durability by incorporating extruded insulation within the panel assembly.

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StoPanel Brick ci is a lightweight, energy-efficient prefabricated exterior wall panel with a continuous air and moisture barrier, exterior insulation as an option, and a variety of thin veneers such as thin brick; all at a fraction of the weight of conventional thick brick/or other thick veneers.

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StoPanel Precast ci is a lightweight, energy-efficient prefabricated exterior wall panel with a continuous air & moisture barrier, exterior insulation, and a variety of integral decorative & protective finish options to replicate precast concrete; all at a fraction of the weight of precast concrete.

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inner view of metal sampleMetal panel construction at a lower cost, with StoGuard waterproof air barrier and exterior insulation standard.

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StoPanel Dri-Design® system features a continuous air & moisture barrier, exterior insulation and fully customizable, unlimited design option.

Plus, Dri-Design panels are easy to install and built to the highest industry standards. With Dri-Design the creative possibilities are endless.

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StoPanel Swisspearl ci is a lightweight energy efficient pre-fabricated exterior wall panel with exterior insulation, continuous air barrier, and multiple metal wall coverings.

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StoPanel Precast ci is an exterior wall panel with noncombustible continuous insulation, continuous air, and moisture barrier, and several standard and specialty acrylic textured finish options.

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Our prefabricated load bearing cold-formed steel wall panels are constructed in Lincoln, AR. They are comprised of axial and lateral bearing members, framed openings, shear walls, exterior sheathing, posts, and floor systems. These load-bearing panels can be combined with most exterior envelope options, windows and door blocking, and more. There are endless benefits to choosing prefabrication – some of those include improved quality control, a reduction in on-site labor, limited susceptibility to inclement weather, and a significantly accelerated construction schedule.

The completed exterior panels allow the building to become weather tight much faster which prevents unnecessary weather damage to the building, reduces scaffolding cost, and expedites the MEP rough-in schedule. Other advantages come in the form of safety outcomes and quality of the finish due to the skilled tradesmen working at ground level as opposed to in a lift or scaffolding that can present a series of challenges. Contact us today to learn more about prefabrication for your next project.


1. Early Involvement

Early involvement begins with a feasibility review of the project. We will review the project model and assess for prefabrication opportunities.

2. Early Review

After review, panel breaks can be created and further analysis takes place to decide on the proper support, dimensions, and details.

3. Panel Creation

CFMF shop drawings are incorporated, fabrication tickets are created, trailer load schedules are built, and in-house fabrication occurs priors to shipment and panel installation.

4. Installation

Panels are loaded on trailers and shipped to the jobsite for in time delivery. Panels are set in place and the TCM team installs.