Grady E. Harvell Civil Engineering Research and Education Center, or CEREC, celebrated its opening the summer of 2021. The 37,400-square-foot state of the art facility will host several graduate-level courses, provide space for 15 faculty members and 75 students to conduct Research.

Research is a key to success in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry to improve technology, materials, equipment, and best practices which makes this project an educational pillar to the college. The steel research taking place here will make a substantial difference in infrastructure and our state.

TCM Enterprises installed all cold formed metal framing and sub framing members including Z- Girts and C-Channels for the installation of the Kingspan insulated wall panels and the translucent wall panel systems done by others.

» Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

» General Contractor: CDI Contractors

» Architect: DEMX

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